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Wisconsin Elementary School Students To Learn About Masturbation, Suicide And Other Sensitive Issues

Teaching third grade students about masturbation, suicide and other sensitive topics is part of the plan for staff members in the Oak Creek School District in Wisconsin.

The school district recently created a handbook for parents to learn about how teachers will approach topics such as sex, abortion, contraception and sexual orientation with their elementary school kids, according to the Wisconsin Reporter.

One objective for sixth graders is reportedly to “define sexual intercourse, including oral and anal intercourse,” according to Fox News.

Different school districts across the state have different booklets with guidelines about teaching the sensitive topics.

While some guidelines are uniform across Wisconsin, others, such as those pertaining to masturbation, are determined by different school boards. Some school boards can opt out of teaching the "touchy" topics altogether.

According to the Oak Creek booklet, teachers are supposed to describe masturbation to students as “the stimulation of one’s own genitals for the purpose of achieving sexual pleasure.”

Staff are also advised to tell students that some people masturbate while some do o’t, and that family values about masturbation can vary.

The handbook says that students will “be encouraged to talk to parents in order to help them develop their own values and beliefs about masturbation.” Despite this, some parents are unhappy about the new curriculum.

In addition to discussions about masturbation, third graders might also be taught about suicide.


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