Wis. Woman Marie Ninnemann Saves Husband By Whacking Bear Over Its Head With Shotgun

One woman was able to save her husband from a bear attack with a shotgun, but without ever shooting it.

According to Fox News, a Wisconsin woman named Marie Ninnemann was unable to load a gun properly after watching as her husband was attacked by a bear outside their cabin. Instead, she ran over and began clubbing the bear over the head with the gun allowing them both to escape.

Gerre Ninnemann, the husband, said he saw the bear running after his dog, so he went outside to call his dog back in. The black bear, however, turned and began to attack Ninneman by biting and clawing at his back.

“I came running out into the yard here, shouting, waving my arms at the bear, thinking that would care him away,” said Ninnemann, a retired financial planner. “But it didn’t. All it did was leave the dog and come right for me.”

Marie then found a shotgun in the basement of the cabin, but not knowing how to load it, used it as a club.

The bear continued to circle the cabin until a responding deputy arrived on scene and killed the animal.

Gerre Ninnemann was hospitalized after the incident and is getting treated for a couple bite marks and scratches, but is expected to make a full recovery. Their dog Maddy also survived the attack.

Sources: Fox News, Seattle Times


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