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25-Year-Old William Kennewell Loses All of His Teeth from Drinking Coke

One Australian coca-cola lover was so addicted to the bubbly drink that he lost all of his teeth and had blood poisoning at the young age of 25.

William Kennewell drank eight liters of coke a day, despite warnings from dentists that his teeth would rot out. 

Now, Kennewell has a full set of dentures.

"I drank between six and eight liters of soft drink, mostly cola, every day. I'm told a normal person has about 23 teeth, but I only had 13 left and they had to be removed," he said. 

Most adults actually have 28 to 32 teeth, so Kennewell was left with 13 less teeth than the average person. 

He says he started drinking the soda because he didn't like water and his job gave him easy access to it.

"It started because I wasn't a huge water fan and working in the hotel industry, I had easy access to Coke."

Eventually, his teeth were decaying so badly that he suffered from blood poisoning. He had to have all of his teeth removed so he could be healthy again.

"Because my teeth were decaying so badly, it caused blood poisoning which just made me sick - but my health improved with the dentures," he said. 

A researcher with the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, Dr. Jason Armfield, thinks soft drinks should come with warnings about the possibility of tooth decay.

Armfield found that 56 percent of Australian children ages five to 16 had at least one sweet drink a day. 

Though he thinks the warning labels are a good idea, he does not know how effective they could be. 

The soft drink has a lot more sugar than most people suspect. An average 335ml can of Coke has 39g of sugar. 



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