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Will Ferrell Promotes Obamacare on Facebook, Gets Slammed

At the beginning of February 1, 3.3 million Americans had signed up for Obamacare.

That number doesn't include an additional 6 million low income uninsured Americans who are now covered by the expansion of Medicaid via Obamacare.

The Congressional Budget Office originally predicted that 6 million would sign up for health insurance via Obamacare, but there were website problems when Obamacare first launched, notes CNN.

In an effort to encourage Americans to sign up for health care coverage before the March 31 deadline, comedian Will Ferrell recently posted a picture of himself on Facebook with the caption, "Still not covered? Get healthcare now! And put some clothes on. #‎GetCovered."

However, that posting yesterday incited anger among thousands of Facebook users who hate Obamacare.

Many of the anti-Obamacare posters linked articles to the right wing website Townhall and the conspiracy "birther" website World Net Daily, notes Ad Age.

Many of the anti-Obamcare Facebook comments were laced with profanity, cursing the actor for advocating health care.

Some of the tamer posts included:

I always new you were a talentless idiot. Now I also know you have a room temperature iq.

You suck in your attempts at lame humor and you suck as a political mouthpiece.

Now is will really this dumb or did the government give him a dollar amount he could not refuse?

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