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Wife Told Her Husband Would Never Regain Consciousness Knew He Would Prove Doctors Wrong

After her husband suffered a stroke when he was 37, Danielle Hawkins was told it was likely Scott would never regain consciousness. Last year, doctors recommended she begin to say her goodbyes to her husband, but Danielle knew the two had more time.

In April 2014, Scott was rushed to hospital after having a severe stroke that stemmed from a brain aneurysm caused by an arteriovenous malformation that had been developing since birth. With his oxygen levels well below a healthy level, Scott was not expected to make it through his first night in the hospital. But he pulled through and underwent surgery two days later. 

During the procedure, Scott suffered a heart attack.

“They lost him for a few minutes,” Danielle told Spectrum Health. 

A week passed and Scott showed no progression. Unable to respond or follow directions, according to Spectrum Health, doctors, again, informed Danielle her husband would not be able to wake up. 

“They told me to let him go,” Danielle said.

She refused to give up and knew her husband would do the same and would continue to fight for his life. When she leaned down to kiss him, Danielle said she could feel him kiss her back. 

“Not sure if it was real or not, but I didn’t (say goodbye), because every time I kissed him, he kissed me back,” she said.

Scott spent several weeks in pulmonary rehabilitation before he started to show progress and prove the strength his wife had predicted. After five weeks in rehab, he no longer needed a ventilator and was breathing on his own, Spectrum Health reported. 

“That’s where I started proving to everyone (that he could recover). He’s a musician, so I would bring in thumb guitars. He would flick notes. Doctors said it was just a reflex. I told him to change the notes and he did.

Danielle’s next step was to help him speak. 

“I covered his trach and he started talking to me,” she told Spectrum Health. “The first words were, ‘I love you.’” 

After spending 16 weeks at rehab in Michigan, Scott has now returned home to his wife and their four children. There is still progress to be made, but Scott and Danielle are beginning to return to normal activities and the life they always had, LiftBump reported.

Source: LiftBump, Spectrum Health / Photo credit: Screenshot via LiftBump


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