Husband Refuses Sex After Seeing Wife Give Birth


Guest blogger Monica: I got a call from my bawling sister-in-law last night, who said that her husband (my hubs' brother) had just walked out on her and their child. His reasoning was that he'd "looked" while she was giving birth to their son, and now he can no longer think of her in a sexual way. She gave birth two years ago! She confirmed it, though: They'd had sex only a handful of times since, and she had initiated every time. Oh. My. God. Men suck.

How can this be?! I was in on that birth, too, and my brother-in-law didn't seem to be freaked out then. He was an active participant, stroking his wife's hair, kissing her cheek, cheering her on and holding back one of her legs (I had the other) as she pushed. I remember being astonished by what I was watching. The whole experience was incredible, and if I didn't get freaked out at the state of her vagina (I have one, after all), then he certainly shouldn't have. 

My husband laughingly called the birth of our first child "The Rocky Horror P***y Show." But he'd wanted to see it all -- the blood, the guts, the vagina that stretched to proportions he couldn't have imagined. He was amazed at what my body had accomplished, and afterward thought I was even sexier than I'd been before I'd gotten pregnant. I remember that he wrote in a post-birth e-mail to family and friends that he was stunned by his love for me and our child after witnessing the miracle of her birth. How could his experience be so different from his brother's? 

Men need to grow up. They are a big part of the baby-making process. If a man can't handle the result of a woman's body doing what it's made for, then he shouldn't get anyone pregnant! I'm disgusted with my brother-in-law for being so childish. My poor sister-in-law. She's practically catatonic right now, wondering how she's lost her husband simply by giving birth to their baby. I still can't believe this is real. 

Moms, has this happened to anyone you know?


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