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Vigorous Sex With Husband Almost Kills Woman

Vigorous Sex With Husband Almost Kills Woman Promo Image

A 26-year-old woman's time between the sheets with her husband took a nightmarish turn when she nearly died during sex.

The woman, Xiao Qing, reunited with her other half, 28-year-old Xiao Dong, after they had been away from each other for six months because of their jobs, reports the New York Post. Needless to say, they were excited to see each other.

But their romantic reunion ended abruptly when Qing suddenly experienced severe abdominal pain. She was rushed to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, where scans found that she was bleeding internally from an ovarian cyst that burst during the throes of passion..

Fortunately, she survived.

Qing didn't know that she had a fluid filled sac on her ovary. They usually go away on their own over a series of months, but this one caused her to lose an estimated 40 percent of her blood supply.

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"Had she come a little later, her life would have been in serious danger," said Doctor Huang Wei of Hunan Provincial People's Hospital, where Qing was treated in Changsha, China, the region's capital, notes the Post.

Doctors found an additional cyst on her right ovary, notes The Independent. They operated on her and removed it promptly. She is said to be recovering.

Huang said that there were two different ways that the cyst could have ruptured: when things got hot and heavy, her husband could have torn it if they went at each other a little too aggressively; otherwise, it is possible that the stage of her menstrual cycle could have caused high blood pressure, thus causing it to burst that way.

Most women experience ovarian cysts at some point in their lives, notes Healthline. Most are spotted during routine pelvic exams and are harmless and symptom-free, though some cysts can cause major problems. Rarely, some women may develop cancerous cystic ovarian masses or cystic torsion, the latter of which cuts off the blood supply to the ovaries.

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Symptoms of troublesome ovarian cysts include nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, painful bowel movements, pain in the lower back or thighs, breast tenderness and pain during sex. Women who experience sharp, severe pelvic pain, fever, rapid breathing or dizziness should seek medical attention immediately, as these could indicate a ruptured cyst or an ovarian torsion, both of which can cause serious problems if they are not treated as soon as they occur.

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