Widower Finally Agrees to Remove His Wife's Body from Front Yard


James Davis, 74, has finally agreed to have his wife dug up from the grave that he placed her in four years ago in front of their Stevenson, Ala. home.

Davis testified in court yesterday that he will hire a contractor to remove the body of Patsy, his late wife, and have it cremated, notes the Associated Press.

According to the Daily Mail, Davis told Jackson County Circuit Judge Jennifer Holt, "I'm gonna take Mama up and have her cremated and keep the remains in the house."

Judge Holt issued an order for Davis to do the removal last year, but he refused because it was Patsy's wish that she be buried in the front yard.

The City Council of Stevenson has been trying to get Davis to move his wife's body ever since he buried her in 2009.

In April 2009, Davis applied for a cemetery permit, but was denied. He defied the city and buried his wife a few feet from the front porch of their home.

The city of Stevenson won a lawsuit against Davis, who was ordered by the court to remove the body from the "illegal cemetery."

Outside court yesterday, Davis appeared to play the victim as he stated, "They can't hurt us anymore in this thing and there's been so much hurt, so much hurt."

However, City Attorney Parker Edmiston said Davis was offered two plots in the town cemetery for Patsy and himself, but the widower refused.

"He said it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, and that's what he did," added Edmiston.

Davis' attorney, Tim Pittman, said that his client would not move the tombstone from the front yard, even though that also violates a city ordinance.

At one point, Davis planned to declare his house a church so he could keep the grave.

Sources: Associated Press and Daily Mail


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