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Why Single Motherhood is a Recipe for Disaster

There's a fascinating article in The Wall
Street Journal titled "This Is Your Brain Without Dad" about the
importance of having a father with respect to brain development.Now I admit I'm
not much of a statistics girl. I read a lot, so I'm well versed in the latest
stats; but I place my stock in common sense and experience. If you read this
blog regularly, you know that. Still, this was interesting.

Apparently a
German biologist is conducting research on this subject using animals that are
typically raised by two parents as compared with one parent. When the animals
were deprived of their father, the pups exhibit short and long-term changes in
nerve-cell growth on different regions of the brain.

In the two-parent
families, the mothers and fathers cared for their pups in similar ways. When the
mother was a single parent, the frequency of her interactions didn't change
much, which means the pups experienced significantly less touching and
interaction than those with two parents.

So I was thinking about this
issue with respect to the faux "women's rights" movement - more specifically,
how feminists have no problem with single motherhood. In fact they encourage it.
It's part of a woman's right to become a mother in any way she deems
appropriate: without a father, without staying home, etc. The idea of being
married in order to raise children is almost an afterthought. And divorce is
considered a fait accompli -- not something we should strive to avoid. Indeed,
feminists are the reason there is now a whopping 40% of single mothers in

Not only are feminists responsible for this pitiful statistic,
they want to support single mothers by adopting policies that encourage it. When
Ann Coulter told the truth about single motherhood in her bookGuilty, she was of course pilloried by the
Left. Feminists don't like facts and statistics; it messes with their plan. But
those with open and independent minds can handle the following information from

"Of all single mothers in America, only 6.5 percent of
them are widows, 37.8 percent are divorced, and 41.3 percent gave birth out of
wedlock. The 6.5 percent of single mothers whose husbands have died shouldn't be
called 'single mothers' at all. We already have a word for them: 'widows.' Their
children do just fine compared with the children of married parents.

According to the Index of Leading
Cultural Indicators, children from single-parent families account for 63 percent
of all youth suicides, 70 percent of all teenage pregnancies, 71 percent of all
adolescent chemical/substance abuse, 80 percent of all prison inmates, and 90
percent of all homeless and runaway children.

A study cited in the Village Voice
produced similar numbers. It found that children brought up in single-mother
homes 'are five times more likely to commit suicide, nine times more likely to
drop out of high school, 10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances, 14
times more likely to commit rape (for the boys), 20 times more likely to end up
in prison, and 32 times more likely to run away from home.' Single motherhood is
like a farm team for future criminals and social outcasts.The illegitimacy rate has gone up by more
than 300 percent since 1970.

In 1979, only about 600,000 babies were born out
of wedlock and one quarter of them were
put up for adoption. By 1991, the number of illegitimate births had doubled to 1,225,000 annually, but only 4 percent were allowed to be
adopted. By 2003, 1.5
million illegitimate babies were born
every year, but less than 1 percent were put for adoption. Not surprisingly,
unwed mothers who care enough to give their children up for adoption also come
overwhelmingly from responsible backgrounds. They tend to have higher education
and income levels and to come from intact upper-middle-class families with
highly educated parents."

Finally, this: "According to the US Justice Department
crime statistics, domestic abuse is virtually nonexistent for married women
living with their husbands."


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