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Why Should Companies be Forced to Hire Pregnant Women?

I love John Stossel. I love him because if you follow his work, you'll note he's the most honest man in journalism. He's a libertarian through and through, and though I disagree with him on some things, I have nothing but respect for the man. He is totally, thoroughly, 100% politically incorrect. He's only interested in truth, and will seek it whether it's popular or not. Be still my heart.

So it came as no surprise to find this piece he wrote about a politically charged subject: the right of employers not to hire pregnant women. Talk about politically incorrect! According to our PC society, the only opinion one should have on this subject is that pregnant women should not be discriminated against. Naturally, using this terminology makes it hard for a person to challenge the idea, since no one wants to be discriminatory. Secrectly, though, many people accept the reality of this issue. They know employers have companies to run -- and that without the physical presence of its employees, the company cannot function. And the reality is that pregnant women are going to disappear. Sometimes it's only for six weeks, sometimes a few months, and many times -- after they experience the pull of motherhood -- they never return. This is a problem for employers. Like babies and demanding careers, the needs of businesses conflict with the needs of children. This is a conflict that will never go away.

The politically correct response to this conflict is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act -- which makes it illegal to not hire a woman because she's pregnant. Any assertion to the contrary is met with vitriol. Consider the following insults hurled at Stossel:

"It is unbelievable that ABC would consider airing this piece!...This turns back the clock 30 years, and Betty Friedan is rolling in her grave!"

"What the heck is wrong with you, John Stossel? This kind of backwards thinking only exists in third world countries."

"Fire Stossel."

And we wonder why more people don't speak up. If you're interested in reading about the reasons why these kind of anti-discriminatory laws don't work, click on the link above. If you don't have time, consider this:

If I had a bakery business (the only business I could every imagine owning), I would need my employees to show up at 6:00 am at the bakery. If a potential applicant is pregnant, the chances of her showing up once the baby's born are next to nill: six a.m. is usually when new mothers go back to sleep. I didn't create this conflict; it just is.

If I were forced by law to invite this conflict into my life I would never sell my muffins. And according to the government, this makes me a bad person? Ridiculous.


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