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Why Does 30-Year-Old Man Look Like A Senior Citizen? (Video)

Yuan Taiping is 30 years old, but appears to be an elderly man because he suffers from a mysterious medical condition (video below).

Taiping, who lives in Chongqing, China, has been to several hospitals over the past decade, but doctors have not figured out what is causing his aged look, notes China's People's Daily Online news site, per the Daily Mail.

Taiping, who works in construction, originally thought his labor-intensive job might have been causing the changes in his body.

However, when he started getting wrinkles on his head, Taiping began consulting doctors and taking medications, which didn't help.

"Every time I go out with my husband, people will stare at us like we're abnormal," said Taiping's wife Xiang Chunyan.

"Some would say that I'm so young, why am I with an old man," Chunyan added.

Taiping's 25-year-old brother Yuan Taihua is also suffering from the condition, as are two unrelated people from their town and a nearby village.

While China is notorious for its pollution, Taiping claims the area is not polluted.

According to Fox News, Taiping told Central European News (CEN):

When it began, my hands and feet started swelling, and then wrinkles appeared on my face. Now it’s just getting worse and worse every year. I also feel more fatigued as the years go on.

I am asking the public for help. Please, somebody, help me find the root of my condition and teach me how to cure it.

Some medical experts believe that Taiping may be suffering from acromegaly, notes CEN, a condition in which the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone, according to the Mayo Clinic website.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mayo Clinic, Fox News / Photo Credit: Daily Mail Screenshot


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