Why do Dental Implants Fail?

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Ideal tooth replacement option are dental implants and mini dental implants for lost tooth. Type of dental implants very much depend on natural and grafted tooth and on immune system of person. But another factor that cannot be neglected when it comes to the success associated with dental implants is the wearer being a smoker or non-smoker. dental Implants Long Island revolutionized the way missing teeth are replaced, with teeth implants being more effective than traditional options, like bridges and dentures.

Dental implants are grafted with the help of a surgery in the mouth. Post to surgery the implant is fixed which will require time to heal the bone and the gum tissue to intergrate well to adjacent tooth and surface. Bone grafting is very important in inadequate jawbone. Treatment will last for many years if healing is done well.

This process is not completed properly if the person is a smoker. Studies have shown that dental implants don't last longer for smokers. If the wearer of dental implants is a smoker then there are two and half times lesser chances of the implants lasting long and yielding the desired results. In an evaluation on 66 people in a period of 5 years, 15.8% implants failed and success rate was much higher by 1.4 in case of non smokers.

We are aware of the health hazards posed by smoking to the concerned person and it is also a known fact that it is the mouth of the person that suffers most amount of danger with mouth and throat cancer being the biggest hazards. Blood veins in body get constricted due to constant smoking. This may lead to lack of nutrients in mouth.

Due to smoking oral care is imbalanced due to lack of nutrients. Nutrients are essential in the process of healing and repairing of gums and tissues. Healling suffers and dental implants donot merge well with gums making healing incomplete. Additional bone loss occurs if person continues smoking even while wearing dental implants. It will only make healing process delay and compound.

During the surgery for fixing of dental implants, additional care should be taken if the patient is a smoker. This is because the effects of surgery are not healed properly because of constriction of blood vessels in the mouth. Owing to all these difficulties and hassles, when a smoker approaches a dentist for dental implants, he is first advised to quit smoking. If the patient doesn't listens to all suggestions of dentist then dental implants are not fixed on such patients. For more information about dental implants please visit the site dedicated to dental implants on Long Island and get full information.


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