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Whooping Cough Boom and Pseudoscience that Blames Autism Fears

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The increase in whooping cough seems to want to become ammunition against parents who have questioned safety of vaccinations. Psychology Today has a nice piece that points out that the five babies in California that died from whooping cough were of Latino origin - not sure what to make of that; but I am sure those in the field will understand what is implied. These babies were under three months of age.

Additionally, it appears that the increase might be attributable to other factors such as a differing strain of whooping cough beginning to prevail. The increase may not be at all attributable to parents who have questioned or held back on vaccinations. Is there any hard data available that will actually show us that whooping cough is returning due to the fact that parents haven't allowed their children to have the shots. Let us not forget that the innovators and distributors of  vaccinations / immunizations are known at times to have made available to the public shots that are ineffective or even ones that have caused illness. The increase in whooping cough may be a result of ineffective batches being distributed to the public. But, they should easily be able to determine such if that is the case. Availability and cost may be an issue for some families who did not vaccinate.

The emerging argument seems one mixed with fallacy and not enough hard data.

I don't applaud using something like this whooping cough increase as ammunition against a population of parents who have valid concerns. Many people who question vaccinations have vaccinated their children. There is nothing wrong with asking the questions. Debate is healthy, but some seem to just plain go on attack, don't they?

Everyone probably needs to behave a little better with these issues. It is not appropriate to blame a population of parents for public safety endangerment based on creative suppositions.


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