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Whooping Cough Analysis Continues, Have You Herd?

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The Latino population in California is the focus of a California Department of Public Health campaign to raise awareness with regard to vaccinations. This is in response to the deaths of five babies in the Latino community, from Whooping Cough.

1,337 Californians from differing ethnicities have come down with Whooping Cough, as of June 30.

It at first appeared that...The highest occurrence of the disease is happening in the agricultural areas of the state. Doctors believe this may be due to the high migrant worker populations in these areas that often are not immunized for the disease. (Source)

One county in California did further analysis to find that in 227 known cases...Caucasians represented 43.6 percent of the cases, while Hispanics accounted for 42.7 percent. Blacks and Asians and Pacific Islanders each were under 5 percent of the cases. The percentages are roughly in proportion to Fresno County's population demographics. (Source)

Many have also proposed that the fear of autism, and parents refusal to vaccinate is the reason for the boom in Whooping Cough. What has not been reported is if the data from those who have come down with Whooping Cough supports such an idea.

Overall the issue of herd immunity will be the sticking point...Herd immunity theory proposes that, in diseases passed from person to person, it is more difficult to maintain a chain of infection when large numbers of a population are immune. The higher the proportion of individuals who are immune, the lower the likelihood that a susceptible person will come into contact with an infectious individual. (Source)


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