Pregnancy Stuffy Nose and Can't Take Meds? Try Neti Pot

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Who's afraid of a neti pot?

I was, until a few days ago.

I was so sleep-deprived that I was desperate to try something. Anything. Towards the end of pregnancy, my nasal passages always feel engorged and swollen. With pregnancy-induced sleep apnea a possible culprit in my sleeplessness, what might help open my breathing passages?

I came up with two ideas: nasal strips and a neti pot. A short walk to my local pharmacy and $20 later, I was armed with my anti-insomnia devices.

I was a bit hesitant about trying the neti pot. I knew it involved pouring warm salty water up your nose and it somehow coming out the other side. Not really my idea of a party.

It wasn't too bad, though. I thought the water would go farther up my nose and throat before coming back out. But the neti pot was simple to use and did an amazing job at clearing my nose out completely. Not even a hint of congestion.

Next, I put on a nasal strip. Nasal strips are stiff bands of plastic that adhere over the bridge of your nose. The plastic lifts your nasal passages open wider as it attempts to flex back to its original position. I laid down to sleep, and wow! I could suddenly breathe about 10 times easier. I didn't notice any of the gasping for breath or startling awake I'd been experiencing recently.

I slept normally last night (for being 8 months pregnant) after 6 consecutive nights of hardly any sleep.

Sleep issue solved? I hope so.


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