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Need a Personal Trainer? Try My Trainer Fitness

I can say “Who needs a personal trainer?” somewhat tongue-in-cheek because I, in fact, am a certified personal trainer. And although I know personal trainers are awesome for helping you break through barriers and reaching your full potential, they can be expensive.

And if you’re someone who doesn’t have the extra money to spend, yet don’t feel comfortable enough to act as your own trainer, you can kind of be in a fitness predicament: How do you know if you’re working hard enough and if you’re really doing the right kinds of exercise? Enter My Trainer Fitness.

This little set of workout books gives you four weeks of workouts in a handy binder that you can take to the gym. The pages are laminated so that you can “glow” all over them, and they are filled with tips, tricks, photos of the exercises and clear directions of exactly what to do for cardio and strength. Available in three fitness levels—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—it really is like having your own trainer right there for a full month.

The company sent me its advanced My Gym Trainer book, and I was super impressed. Each week had a new theme of sorts (mastering the Smith Machine, compound movements, intervals, etc.), and the workouts weren’t playing. Definitely advanced, the hour-plus workouts included a nice mix of strength and cardio six days a week.

From running on the treadie at an 8-mph pace to squat jumps and hanging knee raises, it’s not for the faint of fitness heart (or those without six-plus hours a week to dedicate to fitness). I do wish the books included a proper and planned out warm-up and cool down, and you pretty much have to be at a gym with a wide range of equipment for every workout, but those are the only complaints I have.

If you’re not a gym rat though, don’t despair! The company also has little add-on packs for workouts in the great outdoors, at home and even one for kids. If you’re someone who feels clueless when it comes to working out and can’t afford a trainer, this is the perfect solution! —Jenn


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