Planned Parenthood Cuts Would Devastate Poor Women


Finally, someone in the traditional media mentioned the people who will most be affected by cuts to Planned Parenthood's budget: low-income women. From The Monitor of Texas:

McALLEN — Jamie Henry, 24, is enrolled at South Texas College, has two children and gets by on government assistance and a $540 disability check her husband, a veteran of the Marines and National Guard, receives every month.

Henry, who gave birth to a baby girl four months ago and does not want any more children in the near future, is the type of woman Planned Parenthood Association of Hidalgo County is fighting to protect from an onslaught of legislative attempts to cut basic family planning services at the state and federal level.

“I have a 7-year-old boy and a 4-month-old girl, and I probably would have had 10 kids in between that if I didn’t come here and get my (contraceptive) shot,” Henry said Tuesday morning as she waited for her appointment at Planned Parenthood’s McAllen clinic.

The association sees about 23,000 patients a year throughout its 10 centers in Hidalgo County, with the exception of one center in Rio Grande City, said CEO Patricio C. Gonzales. If the proposed cuts are approved, eight of every 10 women who visit the centers would be cut off from services, which most can’t afford for lack of private insurance, he added.

Sometimes I feel like we have to go back to our roots and teach ourselves what we teach our own children: put yourself in other people's shoes. Just because you have health insurance, doesn't mean that other people do. Just because you have food to eat, doesn't mean that other people do. Just because you can feed, clothe and educate your own children, doesn't mean that other people can. Argh!


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