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Who is Autistic Child: a mediator or The Mediator?

Let us take a continual example of behavioral therapy of autistic children. A practitioner tells a child: "Find the balloon." We know how difficult to make an autistic child to do this. But if a child does it, he indifferently looks around the room and with indifference picks up a balloon. A practitioner says "hurrah!" and tries to play with a child and balloon. It is again long story to teach him to play.If a child at last does it, he does it again within his pervasive autistic process, with indifference, within his autistic motivational state etc, etc. It is a hard long-story non-effective job.

What is the role of practitioner within such discrete trial technique? What is he going to transmit to a child? Quite obviously, in each separate act he is a mediator of a child and “playing a balloon”. The content of the mediation is very primitive. The purpose of a practitioner is to transmit such poor role to autistic child. Let us imagine the same practitioner, with the same content trying to play with normal children? Will they want to play with him very much? A practitioner may say:”I teach autistic child, he is very poor at motor skills.”

That is right, but autistic children by such poor mediation role from the very beginning lack the affective intentional interconnections. They are segregated as abnormal primitive creatures are not able to be within normal relations of perfection, not able to develop direct prefrontal communication.

In fact, functionally prefrontal cortex, tertiary areas of analyzers (which play crucial role in prefrontal perception) of autistic children are healthy. Naturally, as far as they are not functioning in a proper way, their morphology becomes weaker, it degrades; perception becomes more stereotypical, autistic pervasive process goes on deeper inside of brain-body activity. The older autistic child the more degrade morphology of these structures, causing each time unique spectrum disorders. And though the mute state of prefrontal, tertiary structures provokes this pervasive process, functionally their morphology remains very flexible. The earlier we start controlling child’s perception and functioning of these structures, the easier to activate them, the easier to stop autistic pervasive process, the better results. Conscious functioning of these structures eventually determines their morphology, but not vice-versa- that is our strategy to develop prefrontal communication.

That is why autistic children really need affective intentional interactions and their needs, as compared with normal individuals, really actual, vital, and pressing. They need activation of prefrontal, tertiary structures of brain as urgent treatment.

Why not to start with a boy “playing a balloon”, affecting his prefrontal area and then generalize his affective states? Why not to magnify his “waiting area”, his short-term memory, his spatial working memory, his “wanting”/”liking” etc. (i.e., the areas of prefrontal zone) with magnetism of direct affective coupling relations? Why not to develop motor skills etc., for and as the result of magnet intentional incentive power processing, maturing higher psycho structural functions?

How can a practitioner step by step activate a child's prefrontal communication “playing the balloon” etc.? The answer is obvious: by his own affective intentional prefrontal way of communication, by keeping prefrontal child's attention with his affective eyes, face, with his intentional motions, gestures, and posture; with his affective phonation and variations of verbal forms. We have long-story experience in such kind of affective intentional activation of prefrontal areas and always reach the goal.It is much more productive way of skill's development. It seems the common sense should prompt this way of developing autistic children, the common sense, which so often expresses mothers of autistic children.

Mother sincerely loves her poor child. She is not in the position of above mentioned mediator who “play the balloon”, keeping unmatured prefrontal, tertiary areas, instead of maturing them “plying the balloon”? Consciously (preconsciously, unconsciously) she wants to be the Mediator of God and her child. Mother wants her lovely child to look at her with admiration, to play with childish passion, to communicate with others with childish inventions and inspirations. She wants him to be the Mediator of higher inspiration within human beings.She doesn't know how to do this, but magnetism of her attitude to the child is absolutely correct for functional maturation of prefrontal, tertiary and underlying structures of autistic child's brain-body activity.


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