White House Responds to 'Desperate' Opponents of Health Care Reform


Increasingly desperate opponents of health reform continue their effort to shift the debate from the popular aspects of reform, such as more consumer protections for people, competitive marketplaces that offer small businesses health insurance at reasonable rates, and the reduction of overall health care costs over time. Instead, opponents of reform often choose to invent wild claims without any regard for evidence or accuracy.

Take, for example, recent outlandish and false allegations in the news that the White House has sent unsolicited emails to drum up support for reform.  Let's be clear -- and done -- with this incorrect claim: the White House only sends mass messages to email addresses submitted through email signup forms on WhiteHouse.gov.  And every message we send has a clear unsubscribe link at the footer to stop receiving messages at any time.

While some people unsubscribe from the White House’s email program, many more have signed up. Since inauguration, the number of people who have opted-in for email updates has steadily grown, making this an increasingly popular way for anyone to stay current and informed about what's happening with President Obama and the White House.  Anyone can sign up for them here.

Just today a fierce critic of health reform, Karl Rove, went a step further on ABC's "This Week" by making the absurd and unfounded claim that the White House “sent out unsolicited e-mails to federal employees asking them to contact their legislators about this bill.”  This is simply not true and unless Mr. Rove can point to a White House email making this request of anyone, federal employee or otherwise, he should correct this dangerous and inaccurate assertion.


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