Which is actually a modern medicine: Conventional or homeopathy?


Here are some of the few facts

1. Conventional medicine is based on alleviation of symptoms. Once cured, the disease comes back after some time, this time with much greater intensity. Homeopathy medicine treats the root cause of the disease. You have a long lasting to permanent cure.

2. Conventional medicine uses the human body as a passive battlefield usually trashed in the process by drug and radiation. Homeopathy medicine often avoids surgery.

3. Antibiotics kill bad as well as healthy bacteria. This result in weakening of immune system. Homeopathic medicines strengthen the immune system by building resistance to sickness. They do not disturb or hamper digestive system. 

4. Most patients of conventional medicine tend to have been over-medicated, repeated frequently and for long term, making them dependent/addictive, resulting in side effects. Homeopathy medicines used 200 yrs back are used even today because of their efficacy. 

5. Conventional physicians take only physical symptoms of the patient. The emotions and mental state of the patient is not taken into account. Homeopathy is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and emotions are not really separate and distinct, but are integrated.

6. There is no or little preventive medicines in conventional system. The cure starts only when you get diseased. Homeopathy allows avoiding diseases before they start by removing the biological tendency to develop the disease

I have given you some food for thought. Now think and decide for yourself which one is actually a modern medicine


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