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Where's My Right to Refuse Medical Care Under Obamacare?

I see blogs and stuff opposing Obamacare all over the web. They all site different things which are definitely negatives of the plan (and I see no benefits from the plan, at all) and I also vehemently opposed this legislation from day one, but maybe for a different reason. 

As you all probably know by now, I'm 100% totally anti-modern medicine. I don't go to the doctor for anything, be it a stomachache or if I'm bleeding out on the side of the road after a car accident - my choice for medical treatment is the same, that being no treatment at all. This is, of course, my right, and the right of every other person on the face of this planet. The right to refuse medical treatment, even if it results in death or serious consequences, is a fundamental right. 

That said, does Obama think it's a fundamental right? Very clearly he does not. Obamacare does NOT preserve and individual's right to refuse medical treatment, albeit in a roundabout way. This legislation, as you know, REQUIRES YOU BY LAW to carry health insurance. If you don't carry insurance, you pay a nasty, nasty penalty on your taxes. Is this just? Is this morally and ethically right? Oh hell no!

People refuse medical treatment for a number of reasons. Whether you're like me, and  you have such a strong moral opposition to the corporate greed that dominates the medical industry, you otherwise don't see the benefits of treatment as outweighing the risks (in all things I can't treat via natural means, this is the case for me in my own eyes), or your religion opposes certain aspects of medical treatment or it is completely contradictory to your religion to use modern medicine, that will always be your right. And here Obama is making us buy health insurance, even though we will never use it. What do you call paying for something you don't need or don't even use? Hmmm...I think it's called "wasteful spending." 

So Obama really wants us to follow in his footsteps and spend money wastefully (he's already wasted over a trillion dollars during his time in office). Sorry Mr. President, not all of us are big, wasteful spenders such as yourself, and quite frankly, the fine on my tax return would be cheaper than buying health insurance. Somebody needs to challenge this travesty against human rights, because this is nothing short of absolutely disgusting and a tyrannical law (of course, BO doesn't want to be president, he wants to be dictator, so why should I expect anything less)....


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