Woman Wakes Up With Hole In Her Chest

A British mother now has a large hole in her chest after her body rejected a pacemaker.

Doctors fitted Gemma Bosanko, 29, with a pacemaker seven years ago after she experienced potentially deadly cardiac seizures, the Daily Mail reports. Bosanko said she would often have three breath-stopping seizures per day.

Almost immediately, the pacemaker began to affect the quality of her life.

“Every time I would move my arm it would move, and my bra kept getting stuck behind it,” she said, and added that she also gained a ton of weight.

“I stopped exercising when I got my pacemaker. I was scared my heart would stop and my pacemaker wouldn't kick in. I put on [49 pounds] and was wearing a size 16,” she added.

Yet what followed a few years later may have been the worst effect: Her body began rejecting the pacemaker.

One day she said she woke up with a hole in her chest.

“I noticed my skin was thin and a bit wet,” she said. “I put a plaster on it and when I got to work I checked and there was a little hole in my chest.”

A few hours later at work, she noticed the hole had grown in size.

“There was quite a hole. My skin had started to eat away at itself and you could see the heart monitor box," she said.

“I had a big hole in my chest and the box was coming out. It looked like a USB stick poking out of my chest. I'd sat at work eating my breakfast with a hole in my chest.”

She was immediately taken to a local hospital where they promptly removed the pacemaker.

Although she’s experienced hardship as a result of the pacemaker, she said she was grateful for it as it kept her alive.

“At first I felt a lot of stigma about the pacemaker. But now I feel completely different. It's what's keeping me alive,” she said on the British Heart Foundation website.

Sources: The Daily MailBritish Heart Foundation / Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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