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Woman Has Live Cockroach Removed From Ear (Video)

A woman in China went to see her doctor after experiencing severe pain and discomfort in her ear. When her doctors realized what was wrong, they were horrified (video below).

When the woman's doctor took a look inside her ear, he was shocked by what he saw: a live cockroach.

The Huaihua woman was given anesthesia in order for her doctor to remove the live insect from her ear, says the Daily Mail.

A video shows the moment the cockroach was removed from her ear canal with tweezers.

The woman spoke to Hunan TV about the horrific incident.

"Something flew into my ear. It kept buzzing. I tried to touch it with my hands," she told Hunan TV. "I could sense something inside, but I couldn't touch it. Its wings were flipping and it hit my ear. It's very painful."

The woman was left with a red and swollen eardrum following the procedure, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Sources: Daily MailINN NeWs/YouTube / Photo credit: LiveLeak via Daily Mail

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