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Mother Questions Police Procedures After Daughter Dies

A heartbroken Indiana mother has questions for police after her daughter died Dec. 16 following a 911 call.

Sharon Elswick says that her daughter, Brooke Engleking, suffered from severe asthma attacks and when she called 911 for medical assistance during an attack, nobody helped her.

"She laid there for hours," Elswick told WTHR. "She never wanted to be alone. That was one of her biggest fears."

Engleking, 32, called 911 on the morning of Dec. 16 when she started having a severe asthma attack. According to WTHR, she was unable to speak to the dispatcher due to the asthma attack.

"She was probably going 'ah ah ah' because I remember from many other times when she would get into these acute attacks she couldn't speak," Elswick said.

Jackson County 911 dispatch says they tried to call Engleking back, but got no answer. Elswick says she is not convinced that it is true, saying, "It shows no callbacks."

Seymour, Indiana, police were sent to Engleking's home after the 911 call, but the police chief reportedly told Elswick that officers left after getting no answer at the door.

"So you came to the door, no one answered. She didn't answer because she was down," the mother said. "She couldn't get to the door, she couldn't talk."

She continued, "They should've broke the door down and they should've came in to check to make sure there was nobody in distress."

According to KFOR, Engleking's body was found by friends approximately 17 hours later.

Police reportedly told Brooke's mother that officers have to check out a lot of prank calls and hangups, which is why they didn't take further action after knocking on Brooke's door.

"This wasn't a prank," she said. "My daughter is dead."

Elswick is asking Jackson County police to review their procedures following her daughter's death, as she says she does not want another family to have to experience the same thing.

Sources: WTHRKFOR / Photo credit: WTHR

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