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Woman Fired For Having Allergic Reaction

A woman in Canada claims she was fired for having an allergic reaction to bell peppers while working, forcing her to rush to the hospital.

Danielle Duperreault says clothing store Urban Planet fired her by text while she was in the ambulance, Buzzfeed reports.

“The doctors said if I would have waited another ten minutes I would be dead,” Duperreault later wrote on Facebook.

Yet despite the severity of her condition, her annoyed manager began showing “attitude” when she went into anaphylactic shock.

“I did not have an epi pen [an injection to treat allergic reactions] on me at the time because mine was expired and I needed to get a prescription for a new one,” Duperreault said. “So she told me to go look in my car then proceeded to ... wander off.”

Duperreault said she was forced to go to her car despite the fact she was vomiting. She came back after she was unable to locate her epi pen.

“So I go back into the store, gurgling and clutching my throat while customers and a few staff around me were freaking out and that same manager stood calmly at the computer typing away,” said Duperreault.

Later another staff member would assist the woman in getting medical treatment.

Yet on the way there, the manager fired both of them.

“I gave your shifts away this week and unfortunately I won’t be scheduling you any longer. We will mail your last paystub to you. Take care, wish you all the best,” the text from the manager read.

Now Duperreault is sharing her story to not just highlight the manager’s behavior, but also to ensure this does not happen to somebody else.

“I firmly believe that there should always be an epi pen on hand in every store,” she said. “Who knows if a customer needs one in an emergency, or someone who doesn't know they have allergies and doesn't own an epi pen.”

“There should be training on how to administer an epi pen, how to handle a situation like that, and how to deal with the aftermath,” she added.

The CEO of Urban Planet has since apologized to Duperreault, and has promised to pay her until she finds a new job.

“We have thoroughly investigated this. Simply put, the actions were unacceptable,” a spokesperson said.

It is unclear what will happen to the manager who fired the woman.

Sources: BuzzfeedDanielle Duperreault/Facebook / Photo credit: Danielle Duperreault/Facebook

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