Woman Allegedly Slams Into Boyfriend With Car (Video)

A Phoenix woman allegedly hit her boyfriend with her car in April after he revealed that he was HIV positive, police say (video below).

In a surveillance video that was uploaded to YouTube, a car reportedly belonging to Misty Lee Wilke, 44, can be seen accelerating into a man on a bicycle, sending him flying into the air. He lies face-down on the pavement for a while before getting up and almost stumbling into the street.

The victim, who was reportedly identified as Wilke's boyfriend, sustained a severe head injury and a broken back, according to KNXV.

Wilke called the police about 30 minutes after the incident and said her boyfriend had just told her he was HIV positive and had been laughing about it.

She also said the victim had pulled a knife on her and cut her arm, at which point she jumped into her car and drove without looking. She struck him by accident, she said.

Police found a small cut on Wilke's arm, KNXV reports.

Wilke was indicted by a grand jury on the following charges: attempting to commit second-degree murder, leaving the scene, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to KPNX.

She has been issued a public defender and is pleading not guilty.

Warning: Graphic content

Sources: KNXV, KPNX / Photo credit: Hit and Run/YouTube

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