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Two Tennessee Teens Die After Consuming Mixture Of Mountain Dew And Racing Fuel

Two Tennessee teens have died after drinking a combination of Mountain Dew and racing fuel.

According to Greenbrier Police Chief KD Smith, Logan Stephenson and an unnamed friend were drinking toxic racing fuel mixed with Mountain Dew on the night of January 20. The next morning, Logan was completely unresponsive and pronounced dead.

Logan’s friend was rushed to the hospital and was in a coma until he was confirmed dead on January 25. 

“Our hearts are heavy today as we have learned that a second young man has died from the incident last week,” Sheriff Bill Holt said in a statement. “We ask that everyone continue to pray for both of these families as they go through this tragic time”

Family and friends have turned 16-year-old Logan's parking space at Greenbrier High School into a memorial, placing candles and flowers to pay respect.

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Chief Smith says that since the incident, two other teens have admitted to ingesting the toxic mixture that Logan and his friend consumed. Smith urges parents to talk to their children about the dangers of drinking this mixture.

A family friend started GoFundMe page as a memorial to Logan that will raise money for Greenbrier High School to educate students and spread awareness about consuming drugs, alcohol, and toxic substances.

Sources: WZTVWKRNGoFundMe / Photo Credit: WZTV

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