'Miracle' Baby Comes Back To Life In Hospital Morgue


A Chinese baby who was born two months premature has miraculously come back to life in a hospital morgue after doctors had already pronounced the infant dead. 

Jin Hua Lu, a resident of Jinhua in China's eastern Zhejiang Province, said his son was born in early January, two months before his due date. 

Doctors at the hospital where the baby was delivered kept the premature newborn in an incubator for 23 days before allowing his parents to take him home for Chinese New Year's, according to the Mirror Online. .

Two days later, however, the infant began showing signs of discoloration and was rushed back to the hospital. Doctors then officially pronounced him dead after his heart stopped beating.

The child was wrapped in two blankets and kept in a freezer in the hospital morgue overnight while his family prepared for his cremation the next day.  

The next morning, however, doctors and relatives were shocked to discover the child alive and crying in the morgue. He was rushed back to the emergency room and placed in an incubator.

The temperature inside the freezer was approximately negative 12 degrees Celsius (10.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The child reportedly stayed in there for 15 hours before being found alive.

Doctors said they had no way of explaining the child's "miracle" revival, but are doing what they can to keep the infant alive.

An estimated 15 million babies worldwide are born prematurely every year, according to statistics reported by the World Health Organization. In 2013, about 1 million infants died due to complications from preterm birth.  

Sources: Mirror Online, WHO / Photo Credit: Mirror Online

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