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Canadian Couple Expecting Identical Quadruplets (Video)

A Canadian couple is preparing themselves to increase their family of two to a family of six (video below).

Bethani Webb and her husband, Tim Webb, are expecting identical quadruplet girls.

"I could not believe it, I was in such shock," Bethani told CBC News. "Honestly, I thought the ultrasound tech was joking. I couldn't believe it."

As of 2007, there were only 70 sets of identical quadruplets in the entire world, according to the Daily Herald Tribune.

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"I'm glad I was lying down because I probably would have fell over," the 22-year-old mother said. "My husband when he found out, he was near a chair, so he sat down. He almost fainted."

Bethani and Tim have been married since June 2015 and were not in any rush to start a family.

"My husband definitely wanted to wait a year," Bethani told CBC News. "I was fine with whenever it ended up happening, but then we found out we were very excited, only thinking we were having one, not four."

Hythe, the couple’s hometown in Alberta, Canada, has worked together to support the expanding Webb family. Nurses at Hythe Hospital, where Bethani’s mother works, are collecting diapers for the children.

"Even diapers alone, they say we're going to go through 48 diapers a day," Bethani said. "We're going to have a little assembly line."

A recent fundraiser established for the family raised over $38,000, according to the Webb Quadruplets Facebook page. Canadian Tire has also donated four car seats.

"It's really amazing, because there would be no way we could do this by ourselves," the mother-to-be told CBC News.

Names have already been chosen for the daughters. The couple is looking forward to the arrival of Abigail, McKayla, Grace and Emily.

"I'm excited, but it is weird when they start moving," Bethani told the Daily Herald Tribune. "Sometimes I'll feel more than one move at once and it kind of takes me by surprise, even being 27 weeks pregnant, I don't think it's sunk in that there's four there yet."

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The mother-to-be is currently at the Louis Hole Women’s Hospital in Edmonton and will give birth via C-section at 34 weeks. The couple is not sure whether they will have more children after the quadruplets are born.

"I think my husband has gotten used to the idea that there are four babies, but I don't think he's gotten used to the idea that there are four identical girls," Bethani joked to CBC News.

Sources: CBC News, Daily Herald Tribune, Webb Quadruplets/Facebook / Photo Credit: Laura Osman/CBC News, GoFundMe

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