Family Believes Landlord Isn't Fixing Carbon Monoxide Leak That Sickened 8-Year-Old (Video)


Rodney and Noelle Scott recently moved into a rental home in Douglasville, Georgia, but they sensed something was amiss with their 8-year-old son almost immediately (video below).  

Although he was normally energetic and outgoing, he started becoming withdrawn and sometimes threw up after spending time in his room. “Ever since we moved in, my son has been tired, he's been complaining of headaches,” Noelle told WXIA-TV.

The couple requested the landlord get the home inspected, but the technician he provided claimed there was nothing with the furnace. Still suspicious, the couple hired an independent technician, and he came to an entirely different conclusion.

“It was corroded. It was old. And it had been leaking deadly levels of carbon monoxide into my son's bedroom,” Noelle said.

Rodney teared up as he added: “All these months, I have been wondering what's wrong with my son, and I find out my son is being poisoned.”

The family says the landlord isn’t helping them resolve the issue and they no longer feel safe in their home.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, carbon monoxide poisoning can affect everyone and kills more than 400 Americans every year. An additional 20,000 go to the emergency room for carbon monoxide poisoning and 4,000 are hospitalized.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to those the Scott family says their son had: headaches, upset stomach, confusion and weakness. 

The landlord, who has not been identified, said he wants to fix the furnace, but the Scott family said they won’t accept anything less than a new furnace, although they have allowed the repairman in their home. In Georgia, landlords are legally  required to make vital repairs.

“I'm a father who loves his son and his family very much,” Rodney said. It’s unclear where the child is now staying. 

Sources: CDC, WXIA-TV / Photo credit: WXIA-TV

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