Baby's Leg Broken During Birth, Parents Upset (Photo)

Parents are demanding answers after their newborn’s leg was broken during delivery.

Jose and Jazmin Serna from Houston, Texas, tried to have children for six years, KHOU News reports. After learning they were pregnant with twins, later named Santiago and Jimena, the couple was thrilled.

"I joke around with friends that this was my lotto ticket or Super Bowl win, because it’s a little boy and a little girl," Jose told KHOU News.

After the twins’ birth at Houston Methodist West Hospital in January, x-rays showed that a bone in Santiago’s left thigh was broken. The family filed complaints with the hospital and the Texas Medical Board.

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"I [was] watching, and I literally see how [the doctor] is taking out my little boy by his leg, just her hand on his leg pull[ing] him out," Jose said. Both babies were delivered via Caesarian Section.

According to a letter sent to the family, the results of the investigation into the incident were confidential. However, the doctor's care was deemed to be “appropriate” even though the couple’s “expectations were not met.”

"We always strive to meet, and exceed, the expectations of patients and their families through providing high quality, technically advanced and compassionate care," the letter read.

The statement indicated that the position of the twins while in-utero potentially played a role in the outcome of the delivery.

"With regards to your concerns about the delivery of your children, both babies were in a breach position," the letter continued. "Your son was delivered first, followed by your daughter."

According to the National Institute of Health Research, less than one in 1,000 newborns suffer from fractured femurs during delivery. Broken bones can usually be prevented with thorough medical care throughout labor and delivery, according to Birth Injury Guide. Many babies who suffer fractures or broken bones during delivery experience extreme distress, so doctors generally schedule emergency C-sections to avoid such complications.

"He made it seem like they see it like normal, like it’s regular practice for them," Jose told KHOU News. "It’s just a broken leg. Yeah, but it’s my kid’s broken leg. It’s not your kid’s broken leg. That’s what really irritated me."

Santiago has had to wear special braces after the incident. The family’s orthopedic specialist believes he will have no problems walking in the future. 

Sources: KHOU News, National Institutes of Health, Birth Injury Guide / Photo Credit: KHOU

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