Child Saves Mother From Drowning In Family Pool (Video)

A five-year-old girl saved her unconscious mother from drowning.

On March 18, Tracy Anderwald was swimming in the family’s backyard pool in Portland, Texas, with her five-year-old daughter, Allison. While swimming in the middle of the pool, Tracy had a seizure and fell to the bottom of the pool.

"I did not know where I was," the mother recalled from her hospital bed, as reported by Corpus Christi Caller Times. "They did not tell me [what happened] for a while."

Surveillance cameras show Allison, who was sitting at the edge of the pool, dive into the pool, swim to the bottom, and pull her mother toward the shallow end of the pool. It took a few tries for the five-year-old to pull an adult, but she managed to drag her to safety.

"It's amazing that she even knew what to do," Tracy said.

Once Allison dragged her mother to the edge of the pool, she turned her over and lifted the woman’s head safely above water. She then went inside the home to get help from her sisters and aunt.

"Allison was very calm through it,” recalled Tedra Hunt, Allison’s aunt. “She was trying to tell me what happened.”

As Hunt struggled to pull Tracy out of the water, she realized the effort that Allison had expended in order to save her mother.

"She was really heavy, and I could only get the top part of her out, and then her other daughters ran over and helped me get her out [...] Allison was able to do that on her own,” Hunt explained to KRIS-TV News. “And so, it's a miracle.”

Tracy explained that Allison learned to swim at the age of two. Although the child did not know her mother had a seizure, she did realize that Tracy had been underwater for too long.

"I believe [Allison] had a greater power telling her what to do," Hunt said. "It's a miracle ... she knew how to react."

Sources: KRIS-TV News, Corpus Christi Caller Times / Photo credit: KRIS-TV News

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