Family Finds Picture Of Their Healthy Son On A Cancer Donation Box While Dining At A Restaurant (Video)


A Missouri couple was shocked when they saw a picture of their healthy son on a donation box for kids with cancer at a local restaurant (video below).

Amber and Matthew Sherman were dining at La Pachanga when they made the startling discovery, KTVI reported.

While at the counter, Amber noticed a picture of their 5-year-old son Sam on a donation box. The donation was for kids with cancer.

“I saw the picture and I was upset,” Amber told KTVI. “I asked where they got it from. They were not sure where they got it from. They were not sure who put the picture attached to the box.”

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The parents were told the picture came directly from the charity. Then the manager said he believes the picture might have been placed on the box by someone as a prank.

Still, the parents were puzzled.

“How did my son's picture get into a restaurant and then have a date on the back of a picture?” asked Matthew. “He was not born yet," reported the Independent Journal.

The manager took the picture of Sam down immediately and assured the parents that all donations did indeed go to the Leukemia Society.

Amber and Matthew said they just hope this incident never repeats itself.

Sources: Fox 2 NowIndependent Journal / Photo Credit: Independent Journal

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