Couple Copes With Baby's Rare Skin Disorder

A Los Angeles couple have made it their mission to raise awareness of a rare skin condition afflicting their newborn son.

Kacy Dworsky was born with congenital melanocytic nevus, a rare skin disorder in which large moles cover a significant portion of the body. Kacy has a severe form of the disease.

"It was everywhere," his mother, Stephanie, told KCAL. "Just spots on his face and legs, and his back is covered."

Stephanie confessed to feeling as though her son's condition is somehow her fault.

"You know, you go through 10 months to do everything you can to have a perfect pregnancy and be healthy, and then you think you did something wrong," she said.

Although congenital melanocytic nevus is a mostly cosmetic disorder, the Dworskys are reluctant to take their baby out in public, fearing people's reactions. This is something doctors had warned them about.

"People will stare, kids may say mean things, even parents may not want their child playing with yours because they don't know what it is," Kacy's father, Dan, said.

"I try not to go out, and I feel so guilty," Stephanie added.

Still, the Dwosrkys are determined to make the most of the situation. They want to raise awareness of congenital melanocytic nevus and other similar conditions so people with the conditions are no longer stigmatized.

Because of the way others treat them, people with congenital melanocytic nevus are liable to develop a negative self-perception, leading to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, according to Nevus Outreach.

Ultimately, it sounds like much can be learned from Kacy's 3-year-old sister.

"From day one, she didn't see anything on his face," Dan said. "She never mentioned it. The only way we knew she saw it was when she would only kiss him on his spots."

Sources: KCAL, Nevus Outreach / Photo credit: KCAL

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