Woman Loses Eye After Glitter Accident


A Florida mother reportedly had to have her eyeball removed after suffering from a freak accident while crafting with her kids.

Erica Diaz, 33, was using glitter while crafting with her daughter for Valentine’s Day in 2015, Daily Mail reports.  A piece of glitter lodged into her eye and into her cornea, which opened her eye up to infection.

"As I dropped the craft scraps in, some of the glitter poofed up into a little glitter cloud and one piece got into my eye," Diaz told Daily Mail.

The infection quickly spread through her eye and it filled with pus.

When Diaz had emergency surgery on her eye to save it, doctors anticipated only having to take out a small part. However, they ended up taking out more because of the extent of the infection. She then underwent a series of cornea transplants and during the surgeries, she nearly died from sepsis, or blood poisoning, as her body began to shut down.

Luckily, she survived the surgeries.

"I ended up stripped of all of the things that I thought made me beautiful, and I figured out that even as a chubby bald Cyclops I was still a beautiful woman, still a beautiful human," Diaz said. "I'm thankful for it all in that way."

Unfortunately, Diaz’s medical bills have been piling up as a result of her experiences. She has since created a GoFundMe page to raise money for her treatments.

Diaz, who has kept her sense of humor throughout all of this, has now warned others to wear eye protection when dealing with glitter.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping / Photo Credit: Imgur via Good Housekeeping, Facebook via Daily Mail

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