Baby Sign Languages She's In Trouble


A one-year-old baby in Wales used sign language to inform her mother she was having a serious allergic reaction to nuts.

Georgia Knibbs ate only two bites of her mother’s almond butter sandwich before falling violently ill, the Daily Mirror reports.

Yet thanks to the fact she had been taking a baby sign-language class since she was five-months old, she was able to quickly alert her mother, Sandy.

Sandy explains she enrolled her child in the classes after learning that the baby was also allergic to gluten and dairy.

"I was worried about her allergies but I still wanted her to go out and meet new people so I did some research and I found the Tiny Talk classes," Sandy explained.

Those classes may have helped save the baby from serious complications.

"The next thing she had come back to me signing the hurt sign, which is a shaking of the hand as if you’ve touched something that is hot,” the mother explained. “I could see her lips had started to blister and she had blisters and hives on her hand where she had been holding the sandwich.”

Her mother immediately gave her medicine and took her straight to doctors, before heading off to the hospital.

The once-skeptical mother now says she is grateful for the Tiny Talk classes.

"Thankfully she was able to tell me she was in pain and I could help her straight away,” Sandy said.

“Georgia completely understands her allergies and she can attend parties and sit at a table with the other children with her special plate of food and knows she can’t have certain things as it would hurt her,” she added. “She’s a very confident communicator. Signing has really given us as a family a magical window into Georgia's world. From 15 months old after outings without us she has been able to come home and sign telling us all about it; seeing fish and rabbits in the pet shop and going on the swings in the park. Signing really does empower babies."

According to its website, Tiny Talk offers over 500 classes to parents and children in the U.K. and has already taught over 7,000 families.

Sources: Daily Mirror and Tiny Talk / Photo credit: Wales Online via Daily Mirror

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