HIV-Postive Woman Arrested After Prostituting Herself


A Michigan woman is facing criminal charges after soliciting sex on Craigslist and not telling her sex partners she was HIV-positive.

Angelina Mendoza, 36, of Otsego County, was arrested in late April at a Gaylord motel for unrelated charges, WPBN reported.

The investigation revealed that Mendoza had been having sex with a man who was unaware of the fact she was HIV-positive.

"When police told him, he was surprised, he of course had no idea he had been exposed to that," Sgt. Frank Claeys of the Gaylord Police Department told WPBN.

According to investigators, more than 70 people responded to Mendoza’s Craigslist ad, where she offered sexual services in exchange for money. It is unclear how many of those people actually met with Mendoza.

Authorities said Mendoza’s actions were a significant public health risk. She was arrested on a 17-count felony warrant and was arraigned on July 19, WWMT reported.

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Mendoza is now facing charges of HIV/AIDS-Failure to disclose, prostitution/accosting and soliciting, and using a computer to commit a crime.

Otsego County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Rola confirmed that the men who responded to Mendoza’s Craigslist ad will not be charged, as prosecutors would not be able to call them as witnesses if they were charged.

"That's the reason that Michigan recognizes this as a felony,” Rola said. “It's not just the specific single individuals involved, it's the other persons who they would come in contact with who could also pass it on. Their partners and their partners' partners.”

The Otsego County Health Department is aware of the case.

Sources: WPBN, WWMT / Photo credit: Otsego County Sheriff's Office via WPBN

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