Missouri Man Shares His Zika Virus Story (Video)


A man from Missouri who caught the Zika virus is sharing his experience (video below).

Kevin McGinnis, of Glen Carbon, travels to South America every year to visit his wife’s family in Brazil. But after a trip in  summer 2015, he started to feel unwell.

“I came back and was kind of achy, my back was hurting, and I just didn’t feel quite right,” he recounts in an interview that has been posted on YouTube.

McGinnis had cut his trip short and left before his wife and children, reports KDSK. When he picked them up at the airport the next day, they noticed red dots had spread all over his arm.

“So I got home and I pulled up my shirt and it’s like -- covered,” he said, pointing to his torso. “Then I freaked out like, whoa -- what is this?”

McGinnis’ wife immediately suspected it could be Zika after learning about its spread throughout Brazil and other countries in the region. A trip to urgent care confirmed he had the infection.

Within a few days, the spots and discomfort went away. McGinnis says the experience was relatively painless and ended swiftly.

“It was, for me, a non-event. Seriously, the cold I have now is worse than that!”

Four people have been diagnosed with the Zika virus in the state, according to the Missouri Department of Health.

The latest case involves a pregnant woman who recently traveled to Nicaragua.

Following his brush with the disease, McGinnis doesn’t want to downplay the threat Zika poses to pregnant women and fetuses.

McGinnis says his family will go back to Brazil again for the Olympic Games in Rio.

“We'll probably use more bug spray than we have in the past but other than that, no other precautions,” he said. “We didn't have any reservations about going again.”

Sources: KDSK, YouTube / Photo credit: McGinnis family via KDSK

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