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Home Health Aide Wanted For Abusing Elderly Woman (Video)

Texas police are searching for a home health aide who was caught on camera verbally and physically assaulting an elderly woman (video below).

The disturbing footage was shared on YouTube by the Memorial Villages Police Department in Houston, the Daily Mail reported. The suspect has been identified as Brenda Floyd.

According to the video's description, the incident took place on New Year's Day. Floyd is now a fugitive facing charges of assault with bodily injury.

In the video, Floyd is seen approaching a small, elderly woman. She is seen smacking the patient in the back of her head repeatedly and asking her if she fed her dog human food.

"Get your a** up and go to f***ing bed!" Floyd is heard yelling at the elderly woman in the footage captured by smart-home system Nest. "Go ahead, d*** it!"

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Floyd smacks the elderly woman at least five more times before she gets up from her chair. The elderly woman is then seen making her way toward her bedroom, leaning heavily on her walker.

"I said, why do you feed the dog human food?" Floyd asks the woman. "Why do you keep feeding that dog human food?"

The elderly woman tells Floyd she did not feed the dog human food, sending the home health aide into more outrage.

"Shut the f*** up! Yes, you did!" Floyd yells at the patient. "Stop lying to me, b****!"

Floyd is then heard striking the elderly woman a few more times off camera.

The home health aide is described as a white female with black hair and brown eyes. She is about 5-feet 2-inches tall and weighs 215 pounds.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to Floyd's arrest.

Sources: Daily Mail, CrimeStopHouston/YouTube / Photo credit: Memorial Villages Police Department via Daily Mail

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