Strangers Help Man Remove Childhood Scars For Wedding


A Chicago man whose facial blemishes plagued his life is now having them removed in time for his wedding day, thanks to anonymous donations.

Keenan Patton, 32, suffered with growing facial scars called keloids since he was a teenager, the Daily Mail reports.

"Some scars grow lumpy and larger than the wound they are healing. This is called keloid scarring. It can happen to anybody, but is more common in people with dark skin, such as people from African, African-Caribbean and south Indian communities," the NHS writes.

A TV show and a crowdfunding campaign have provided the man with $52,000 to help cover his wedding expenses and scar removal.

Patton’s keloids kicked in after he got chicken pox at age 11. The scars worsened as he aged, giving his face a lumpy look.

“They were discouraging. I was called names and people stared. It was disheartening," he said.

Indeed, Patton said he was often mocked and called “mushroom head.”

“It's affected my confidence over the years. When I stepped out [of] the house, people would stare at me. But thankfully I'm a people person so I just think people accept me,” he said.

Despite a 28-hour surgery to remove the tissue, the keloids only worsened.

Doctors told Patton his inability to heal may have to do with his diet.

“I have type 2 diabetes, and they think my blood sugar could be slowing down my healing,” he added.

Now he is seeking radiation treatment from a specialist to permanently get rid of the blemishes in time for his wedding to Monique Jackson, 32.

“I met Monique last June on Facebook,” he said. “I was honest about my keloids but she never held them against me and I love and cherish her because of it. I was nervous about what she'd think of them, but it didn't affect her so I was put at ease.”

Although they are not yet officially engaged, they plan to marry next year.

Sources: The Daily MailNHS / Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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