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Drug-Laced Cookies Send Churchgoers To Hospital

Six Indiana churchgoers, some of them children, were hospitalized after a member of the congregation gave them drug-laced cookies after a prayer service on May 22.

All of the victims, ages 12 to 70, from St. John the Apostle Church in Elletsville, fell ill only a few minutes after eating the cookies, World Wide Weird News reports.

Their symptoms ranged from paranoia to high blood pressure and lethargy.

When officials performed tests, the urine of all six people tested positive for chemicals found in marijuana.

The sick individuals were taken to the hospital but later released.

No charges have been filed against the long-time member of the church who handed out the cookies.

It’s not the first time somebody handed out drug-laced cookies in what should be a drug-free environment.

In January, a teenage boy from Massachusetts was arrested for giving fellow students marijuana-laced cookies, Eagle-Tribune reports.

The 16-year-old boy allegedly gave two girls the cookies, “then started to laugh at them and said you did not know there was marijuana in the cookies and you will start feeling it in about an hour,” police reports say.

He then told the girls “not to tell anyone who gave them the cookie,” the reports adds.

One of the girls complained of chest and stomach pains and had be taken to hospital, while the other girl also fell ill and was sent home.

The school said it took whatever disciplinary action is deemed necessary against the boy, although it would not reveal what exactly due to “federal and state regulations pertaining to student records and privacy.”

“Although unable to respond directly to your inquiry, I can confirm that the Methuen Public Schools’ primary concern is the safety and welfare of our students and that controlled substances, illegal drugs and alcohol in District schools will not be tolerated,” School Superintendent Judith Scannell said in an email.

“[Students who bring drugs to school are] subject to long-term suspension or permanent expulsion from school and will be referred to law enforcement authorities for possible criminal prosecution,” she added.

Sources: World Wide Weird News,Eagle-Tribune / Photo credit: Pudding4Brains via Wikimedia Commons

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