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Battery Lodged In Toddler's Throat For Four Days

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A Canadian toddler was hospitalized after swallowing a button battery and having it lodged in her throat for four days.

Christina and Michael Smith first noticed something was wrong with their 2-year-old daughter, Katie, when she started gagging while eating crackers in early February, reports Global News. The parents took her to the hospital after she continued gagging for an hour. 

Doctors reportedly checked Katie's throat, ears and airways but ultimately found no signs of an infection. 

The family returned home, but the toddler's symptoms soon worsened. She was unable to eat or swallow, had a distinct odor to her breath, and was extremely lethargic. Her parents took her to a clinic, where she was told she may have the flu.

Days later, an X-ray was finally taken and it was discovered the toddler had swallowed a button battery the size of a nickel. She was rushed to the hospital and the battery was removed. By the time it was discovered, the battery had burned through the outer lining of the toddler's esophagus.

"Batteries around any children are not safe, especially little toddlers, they are always putting things in their mouth. You cannot keep your eye on them 24/7 but if you know there is something wrong go with your gut instincts, your parental instincts. Do not let up until you get the answers that your need," Smith warned parents after the incident.

In a similar case, a 1-year-old swallowed a nickel-sized button battery and fought for his life through 65 surgeries before he was finally healed, reports Today.

Sources: Global News, Today / Photo credit: Global News

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