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Police Find Five Dead Bodies After Murder-Suicide (Photos)

A Pennsylvania couple and their three children were found dead in their home in what is suspected as a murder-suicide.

Police were called to a home in Sinking Spring to check on Megan Short after a family member reported that they could not get in contact with her, WPVI reported.

When authorities arrived at the home, they made a forcible entry and found five dead people and a dead dog.

The bodies were identified as Megan Short, 33; her husband, Mark Short, 40; and their three children, 8-year-old Liana, 5-year-old Mark, and 2-year-old Willow. They all had gunshot wounds and a gun was found next to one of the adults.

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A handwritten note was also discovered at the home. Details on what the note said have not been released, but investigators said the note lead them to believe the incident was a murder-suicide.

"This is an apparent tragic domestic incident," Berks County District Attorney John Adams told WPVI. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families at this difficult time."

Willow had undergone a heart transplant in 2014 when she was less than a week old, according to The New York Times. The couple had difficulty obtaining anti-rejection medication for her.

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The couple also had been having “domestic issues,” according to the district attorney’s office.

On April 13, Megan wrote about her struggles dealing with Willow’s condition in a blog post on Philly at Heart, a website dedicated to families dealing with congenital heart issues.

I have anxiety and nightmares. Certain smells and hallways trigger memories every single time. Yet sometimes  the memories return out of nowhere like a beeping sound from someone’s phone reminding you of the monitor alarms. None of this ever got easier. It took me nearly two years to recognize how much I was truly impacted by the experiences.

I don’t think PTSD ever truly goes away but, with therapy, medication, and the right support, I have begun to loosen its grip on me. As I work on my own mental healing, I wanted to share my experience so that other heart parents know they are not alone. Making time to take care of yourself is a necessity. Don’t be afraid to accept help or ask for it. We easily recognize the trauma that our children go through, but we need to acknowledge and work through the trauma that we experience as well. Trying to heal these wounds isn’t easy. Sometimes you will even feel worse during the process, but keep going. It is worth it. Fear and anxiety don’t have to control you. You can and will enjoy life again.

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"It's just unbelievable. I'm still in shock,” said Jay Pezdirc, a neighbor of the family. “I couldn't sleep half the night because I was so upset."

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"The poor kids. You just don't understand that stuff.”

It is unknown at this time who pulled the trigger and why.

Sources: WPVI, The New York Times, Philly at Heart / Photo credit: Facebook via WPVI, Facebook via Daily Mail

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