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Transgender Woman Spends $33,000 On Surgery (Photos)

A Canadian transgender woman spent $33,000 on plastic surgery to get the face she's always wanted.

Stef Sanjati, 20, says she would spend about five hours doing her makeup before feeling comfortable with her face, the Daily Mail reported. She raised enough money to undergo Facial Feminization Surgery, and shared a video of her recovery on her popular YouTube page.

"For myself, waking up and looking in the mirror is like pressing reset on your [favorite] game every day," Sanjati wrote on her GoFundMe page. "Losing all progress, going backwards, never reaching your potential.

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"It's incredibly frustrating, not seeing what you see in your head in the mirror. I don't think I have uploaded an untouched photograph since before I started my transition - I nip and tuck at my face, reducing my jaw here, enlarging my cheek there... all with the goal of looking more like what we perceive as feminine."

Sanjati's GoFundMe page raised more than $32,000. The Toronto native said she was pleased with how the surgery went, and was grateful.

"I can't really express myself, but I'm in minimal pain right now," she said in a YouTube video documenting her surgery.

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Sanjati isn't done yet. She said she plans on having Sexual Realignment Surgery next, and is hopeful for a better life.

"Undergoing FFS (and SRS) would vastly improve my mental health," she continued. "I would love to share the experience with all of you, and everyone else on YouTube, so that people can learn about gender confirmation surgeries and what they mean to transgender people.

"These are not as simple as feeling better about the curve of our nose, it is much larger than that. These surgeries are about feeling like you, every day, when you wake up in the morning - before cinching, pulling, and covering every inch of your body with body shapers, tape, and cosmetics.

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"They're about recognizing yourself in the mirror, and feeling like living, going outside, is possible, and not something to dread."

Sources: Daily Mail, GoFundMe, Stef Sanjati/YouTube / Photo credit: Stef Sanjati via Daily Mail, GoFundMe

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