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'Elevator Murder Experiment' Becomes a Viral Hit (Video)

A thought-provoking prank was uploaded to YouTube today showing two pranksters testing unsuspecting elevator-goers regarding what they’d do if they witnessed a murder.

The video, called “Elevator Murder Experiment” was uploaded by the YouTube account BeatriceRevenge, and has already garnered over 3,000 hits. The video shows two guys in an elevator, and when the door opens, one of the guys pretends to be murdering the other. Most of the witnesses attempt to help the victim, but some just stand and watch. One man even pulls out his phone to record the murder-in-progress.

The description of the video states, “What would you do if you walked into a murder in progress? Two guys asked themselves the same question and staged a murder-in-progress inside a New York City elevator. Hidden cameras recorded people's reactions. What would you do?”

As it turns out, the video was created to promote the upcoming neo-noir thriller film “Dead Man Down,” as the end of the video shows. The prank, though seemingly traumatizing for some of those involved, is definitely one of the more creative ways to attract publicity this day in age. 

Source: Daily Mail


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