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What will Kanye and Kim Kardashian's Baby Really Inherit?

Growing up as Baby Kimye, aside from its lavish future lifestyle, will be hard enough, but now in the age of Twitter, the poor kid is doomed to also inherit all that is ridiculous about its parents.

As soon as Kanye announced at his concert Sunday night that he and Kim Kardashian are having a baby, Twitter responded with dozens of parody accounts and jokes on behalf of their unborn child.

Between Kanye and Kim, the abundance of material for jokes seem to be endless, ranging from Kanye’s “Imma let you finish” interruption during Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech and all the extra room the baby must have in Kim’s womb.

The Twitter account @kimyefetus already has over 1,000 followers and 96 tweets, posting comments such as, “Goodnight all my iPad died and can't find an electrical outlet anywhere in this b—.”

Today’s celebrity kids don’t have the anonymity they once had, especially if their parents are as high-profile as Kim and Kanye. Before Twitter, the public was only able to get glimpses of celebrities’ babies when the tabloids published photos of celebrity families at the park or walking out of grocery store. Now, the parody Twitter accounts have created a whole new variety of paparazzi, making up scenarios and creating personalities for the public to enjoy at the expense of the kids.

Yet, despite the alter egos and future micro-monitoring of the Baby Kimye’s real and fictitious experiences, it is difficult to feel too sorry for a child whose birthright includes a nearly limitless fortune and will likely be dropping its first best-selling rap album, “Ultrasounds,” before its even out of the womb.


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