What Role Did Your Dad Play in Your Fitness?

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Active fathers make for active kids! Credit: pugetsoundphotowalks

I feel lucky that I grew up with a father who was active. Whether it was going with the whole family for a walk, playing a game of tennis together or even putting in a basketball goal in the driveway so that we could all shoot hoops, my dad taught me in many ways that being active was fun—and a normal part of everyday life. While my mom just recently convinced him to start going to the gym for more formal exercise, I’m so thankful for having an active and fit dad who definitely finds the fun in fitness, be it on the golf course or on the four-square court (we played before the bus came in the morning when I was in grade school—some of my favorite childhood memories). So on this Father’s Day 2011, we wanted to know about you and your dad. Growing up, did you have a fit father? Did he pass his fitness habits down to you?

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Happy Father’s Day 2011! —Jenn


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