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Man Accidentally Films Himself Delivering Fiancee's Baby In The Middle Of The Night (Video)

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A U.K. father-to-be accidentally filmed himself delivering he and his fiancee's newborn baby in their home in the middle of the night (video below).

Photographer Martin Boyce, 35, had just packed his camera in order to document the birth of he and fiancee Holly Dawson's baby, without realizing that he'd end up catching the birth on film, the Daily Mail reports.

Dawson reportedly woke up in the middle of the night to discover that she her baby was on the way and frantically woke Boyce up to take her to the hospital.

"We started going through the motions -- packing the car, getting ready for the hospital, phoning parents and midwives," Boyce told the Daily Mail.

"I'd got all my camera stuff ready to take to the hospital, but as I came down the stairs Holly was starting to call out in pain and panic -- it was coming on much quicker than we'd imagined," Boyce added. "Holly set up in the middle of the living room floor, and the penny started to drop that the baby was coming now."

Boyce said that Dawson's mother was able to come over quickly and began communicating with midwives on the phone. Though the midwives were soon en route, Dawson couldn't wait any longer and told her fiancee that she needed to start pushing.

"I looked down the business end and saw the baby crowning, and I [realized] I'd have to step up and deliver her -- I'd thought my role would just be hand-holding," he said. 

"But something changed in my brain, and instinct just takes over," Boyce added. "With one massive push she cascaded out into my hand. For about 10 seconds she didn't make any noise — but we put her on Holly's chest for some skin-to-skin contact, and then she let out a little cry, and we all let out a huge emotional sigh of relief."

Boyce said it was only after the delivery that he remembered he'd set up his camera and managed to capture the amazing birth on film.

The incident came following a similar situation in Connecticut where a man delivered his own baby in a hallway on Father's Day in 2015, according to NBC Connecticut.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC Connecticut / Photo credit: Martin Boyce/Newsteam Screenshot via Daily Mail 

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