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What Kids Really, Really Need from YOU!

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Being a parent is one the most wonderful experiences a person could have in his/her life time. Everyone wants to be a good parent.

In order to better the parenting skills, Parents do  researches,  go to mommy-and-me (or daddy-and-me) classes, read books, browse blogs and subscribe to magazine. No one was born a parent. This generation has taken parenthood to the next level, to the place of learning it and being expert in it, just like a career. So in order to write this blog, I sat and thought:
what really makes a parent a ‘good parent’? Is there a good parent vs. a bad parent? And I am not referring to any abusive or extreme parenting in this blog.

I am taking this initiative to educate you on, Can a person better themselves as a parent, just as simply going to the gym and getting better in lifting weights or running? Is it a skill?

Developing healthy communication with your child is a skill that you have to master. I have emphasized before, how this skill can be enhanced through Signing. Signing does magic between us and our kids, because “Signing is not the goal, Signing is the tool to better communication,” (you can hear me saying it in every conference or speaking engagement over and over). 

Here, I would like to give you some tips on how to develop yourselves in becoming a good parent.

Establish trust and set routines

I believe that establishing a routine for your family is an extremely powerful tool for creating a sense of safety and stability for your entire household. Your family routine is the source of your child’s trust in the world and of his place in it.

Empowering your child's independence

Ensuring independence will help your child develop a sense of self-direction and self-discipline. They will learn from their errors and tend to become a problem solver themselves.

Respect and pillar foundation

The best way to teach your children about showing respect to you, to others and to their peers is simple- treat them respectfully. Speak to him politely, respect his opinion. Pay attention when he is speaking to you. Spend quality time with the child face to face. Your relationship with your child is the foundation for her relationships with others.

Impact the importance of learning

Learning doesn’t mean getting the best classes, getting best grades, it’s about being curious. Ask questions and discover things you never knew before. 

Good parenting indicates setting an example of knowledge to your children. Show your little one that mastering is fulfilling. Help your child to get pleasure in studying and be thankful when they ask a lot of questions (even if it is the million and one question!). Spend your time with your child and make him explore the benefits of education.

Good parenting” is really as simple as parenting in awareness. Be mindful and curious about your child’s curiosity, as he is curious with yours. You are BOTH learning new skills together and no one expects you to master them at birth. Allow you to try, and decide for yourself. As long as you acknowledge you are in the process of parenting, just like your child is in the process of growing.

Original article written by Etel Leit, SignShine®


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