What is Breast Implant Rippling? Victoria Silvstedt Shows Us


Victoria Silvstedt displays rippling along her left breast cleavage in this image. Rippling is more common in women who have small breasts and go with larger implants. It refers to the appearance of “ripples” seen through the skin in women with implants. It is not the ability to feel the implants, but the sight of these ripples, and appears more often with movement.

Rippling happens more commonly with saline-filled implants, but can also show itself with silicone gel implants. It has to do with the tissue coverage being relatively thin compared to the size of the breast implants underneath.

Surgery to minimize this involves a few maneuvers which are variably successful. It is best to try to avoid it in the first operation by using muscular coverage and limiting implant size.

Interesting is the fact that some women do not care whether or not rippling affects them and some (few) men actually like it. As plastic surgeons in training, we are taught techniques to avoid it as it is classically considered a complication.

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John Di Saia MD


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